Want A Wood Carriage House Door Without The Hassle?

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Carriage house doors are a traditional style of garage entryway harkening back to the Victorian era. The distinctive design traditionally opened from the center outwards on exterior-mounted iron hinges. This style fell out of favor for a time after the introduction of the upward-acting overhead door. While customers began choosing the operating convenience of an overhead door vs. a manual bi-fold carriage door, the historic look and aesthetic appeal of these doors never went out of style. wood carriage house door

Today’s customers aspire to have the look of a carriage house door without sacrificing convenience. They want more options to make their house stand out from a neighborhood of white steel doors and manufacturers have listened.

The wood carriage house door is available again, now with the efficiency and convenience of the modern doors we’ve become accustomed to. If your heart is set on a carriage style garage door, consider some different ways to achieve the look you want.

We offer several product lines for a variety of price points with carriage house appearance. All are available with a variety of window and glass options as well as rustic exterior hardware choices.

Stamped Carriage House - Standard Colors $
• Carriage house pattern sets this door apart from traditional steel doors
• Stamped carriage house patterns in long or short panel
• Insulation options: non-insulated, polystyrene with vinyl back (R-value 7.94), polystyrene with steel back (R-value 9.65), polyurethane (R-value 16.55)
• Available in standard colors based on design type
• Limited Lifetime warranty
• Maintenance-free exterior

Accents Woodtones - Flush Overlay or Stamped Carriage House $$
• Fantastic curb appeal – looks like a real wood door
• Realistic woodtone designed and manufactured using full color digital imaging
• Ground-breaking high-resolution digital scanning captures each detail of natural wood with a non-repeating pattern that reflects the true color and appeal of real wood
• Doors are digitally constructed door board-by-board, just as one would do when building a door with actual wood
• Four wood species to choose from: Cedar, Dark Oak, Light Oak or Mahogany
• Available in Stamped Carriage House (Short or Long Panel with Arch or Square Tops)
• Flush Overlay – 15 popular Carriage House Designs (Arch & Square tops, X-bucks, A-bucks, V-bucks)
• Insulation options: polystyrene (R-value 9.65) or polyurethane (R-value 16.55)
• Limited Lifetime warranty
• No finishing costs – Maintenance free!

Carriage House Overlay Series – Steel with Maintenance Free Poly Boards $$$
• Mimics the historical look of a painted Carriage House Door
• 2” steel base garage door sections
• Dimensional maintenance-free design boards are laminated to the steel sections with high performance adhesives to achieve the carriage house designs
• 24 popular designs (Arch & Square tops, X-bucks, A-bucks, V-bucks)
• Standard Base Colors: White, Almond or Sandstone with White Design Boards
• Insulation options: polystyrene (R-value 10.29) or polyurethane (R-value 17.54)
• Section warranty – 3 years
• Minimal maintenance

Carriage House Overlay Series – Wood Overlay $$$$
• A true wood carriage house door exterior – exceptional curb appeal
• Wide tongue-and-groove natural wood boards are laminated to smooth steel base sections with high performance adhesives
• Matching wood design boards are laminated to the face boards to achieve the carriage house designs
• 24 popular designs (Arch & Square tops, X-bucks, A-bucks, V-bucks)
• Available in Western Cedar or Fijean Mahogany (garage door face is manufactured unfinished for field painting or staining)
• Insulation options: polystyrene (R-value 10.78) or polyurethane (R-value 18.03)
• Section warranty – 1 year
• Maintenance required (recommend finishing every 2 – 3 years based on environment)

In the past, having a distinctive garage door wasn’t feasible for many homeowners who had to settle for the same ordinary white metal panels. Through innovation, everything old is new again. Now with all of these options, you can enjoy the look of an elegant carriage door – no matter what your budget.

Now that you know you want a wood carriage door what about all of the other options? See all of the different finishing touches that will really make your garage door stand out! 

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